DYK BHTC Annual Town Meeting

Burgess Hill Town Council's Annual Town Meeting on Wednesday 10 April 7.30 pm at Cyprus Hall, Cyprus Road.

Opportunity for residents to express their views and ask questions directly to the Town Council in an open forum.

Town Council will also inform members of the public about achievements during the preceding year and aims for the future. That should be interesting!

DYK New Town Mayfields

The 'new town' near Sayers Common that MSDC had rejected as a viable option and which does not factor in their new District Plan is now being progressed as 'Mayfields Town'. Mayfield Market Towns Limited have launched their new website, with proposals for a New Market Town of up to 10,000 homes in Sussex.

There is a presentation on these proposals on Tuesday 9th April at 8pm, to Bolney Parish Council (Rawson Hall, Bolney). Members of the general public can attend. This new town was ruled out by MSDC in their District Plan. Instead, they have 6000+ new homes for Burgess Hill. Will we now end up with both?

See Forum for full details at http://www.burgesshillactiongroup.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,187.0.html

Mayfields Town website http://www.mayfieldtowns.co.uk/

DYK Burgess Hill Neighbourhood Plan excludes proposed strategic developments

What is the point of a Town Wide Policy that does not include plans that will have a further impact on our town?

The 'cross town issues'  are only looking at the existing area and not taking into account any new strategic developments being planned.... yet again not looking at the full picture.