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Thanks for visiting, now read on because Burgess Hill needs your help....

Were you aware that there are plans to build 4,000 houses on our beautiful open countryside and golf course to the north of the town, and on the green fields to the east of Kings Way?

If not, you are probably not alone, as we believe the Council have not carried out a full and thorough consultation with everyone who is affected.

The photo used in the header of this site is not just some random picture pulled from the Internet. It's actually the Northern Arc - the very land on which the council want to build these densely-packed houses.

Our campaign is focussing on:

  • Stopping the over-development of Burgess Hill and its immediate surrounding areas by ensuring that there is a fair allocation of housing that is properly planned.
  • Minimising the number of houses to be built in Burgess Hill.
  • Campaigning to save 115 hectares of open countryside.

Hopefully you are looking at this website, following our recent leaflet drop, and wondering what it's all about, and how you can help.

The answer is simple - we need your support. Please click on the "e" button top and bottom of the page to complete our e-petition. Also, please print off the letter template to Nicholas Soames, fill in your name & address, sign it and post it.

Finally, don't forget to "like" us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and help spread the message. 

Thank you for your time and do visit the website on a regular basis for updates.

Burgess Hill Action Group

Who are we?

Quite simply, we are you.

We are residents of Burgess Hill who have been shocked at how such HUGE developments can be said to be coming from the people of Burgess Hill, when so few of them have been made aware of the impact they will have. We want to make sure that the information is out there and these developments do not "sneak in" because people don't know what is going on or how to object.

The people of Burgess Hill must speak and make the authorities know we will not be walked on yet again.

Burgess Hill Action Group

Campaign Supporters Network

With the continual evolution of our group into the professional fighting force which we strive to become, an increasingly important asset to the team is the Campaign Supporters Network.

We see this as the way forward. A whole army of passionate and motivated individuals, brought together under one campaign banner. Only in this way can we hope to influence the arrogant and misguided town and district councils and save our wonderful town from the daily threat of the planners and development consortiums.

We will continue to draw on the tremendous resourcefulness and strength of our e-petition signatories, utilising the skills, experience and pride that each of them can bring. We will mobilise them for public meetings and demonstrations if necessary, but we also aim to work smart, and in so doing share the responsibility of such a seemingly impossible challenge.

The committee bring some pretty daunting talents to the fight, with first class planning, legal, computing, publicity, printing and accountancy experience. We now require other people to join the Campaign Supporters Network. We need anyone who cares about the future of the town. We need people who are willing to do their bit to stop this madness, even if that's only to voice their support.

We particularly need anyone with research skills, specialist legal skills, environmental scientists, water management engineers and those with experience of fighting complex and long-term community campaigns. If you can help us, please, please do. If we delay, defer or take our eye off the ball for a minute, our town as we know it will be lost.

Subscribe to our newsletter now. That will enroll you in the Campaign Supporters Network automatically. If you have specialist skills, please also Contact Us directly. Burgess Hill is worth fighting for. Thank you.

Burgess Hill Action Group

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