A Powerful Alliance for Burgess Hill

The Burgess Hill Action Group is simply a group of residents - like you - and as individuals we were absolutely delighted with the turnout at our Open Public Meeting on Monday evening. Thank you so much for giving us your support.

We hoped that we had judged the mood of the residents correctly, based on the response to our e-petition and the many messages of support we have received in person, via email and through our website. To have so many people turn out last night, that some people had to stand in the corridor was a huge boost for us. On that note, we would like to apologise for the cramped conditions, and the slightly uncomfortable, warm atmosphere in the room, but we really did not have any idea how many people would attend the meeting!

Our main motivation is to provide you, the other concerned residents of our town, with a focal point through which you can express your opinions and voice your fears over the housing blight which hangs over us. We want to help coordinate whatever actions we as a community deem necessary to constrain these wildly disproportionate development plans to a more acceptable level, and allow Burgess Hill to retain its character and identity. It was fantastic to hear so many of you challenge our Town and District councils to do more to represent the residents and their aspirations for the town.

Before we formed the action group. nobody else was doing this in an organised fashion, and the various councils were enjoying a free run at bulldozing these developments through the planning process. Now at least they have some passionate opposition!

Since the meeting, numerous residents have expressed a desire to help with the campaign. Many of you have asked us what happens next. Well, we have many ideas, and thanks to your support, we now have the additional resources to make some of these happen. This is great news, but we are sure you will appreciate that this is going to be a long hard fight, and we have to pace ourselves.

The first task for the group is to collate all the questions that you left us, and to present them to the appropriate speakers present at the meeting. The vast majority of these are unsurprisingly directed at the council. We will seek to have these answered as soon as possible, and commit to pass on all responses received to you via our website and our newsletters.

The next task is for us is to expand our Campaign Supporters Network, allowing those that have offered hands-on support to do so in the most effective way. This will take some coordination, but we are very excited by the offers we have had, and will be arranging an informal get-together very shortly to make the most of this opportunity.

In the meantime, please continue to spread the word, sign our e-petition, use our template letter to write to your MP, Nicholas Soames and prepare to defend our town!

Burgess Hill Action Group